Emanouil Inc.’s employees are the best of the best; we have assembled a quality team of professionals with an unbelievable amount of experience. From the office to the field you can count on us to complete every task with confidence and experience.

It is our job to make your life easier; here is how we staff every project.


Our experienced estimating team has years of landscape estimating experience. They will assist you with everything from a pre-construction budget to value engineering your over-budget project. You can count on them to break out each item separately and send you a completely itemized proposal.

Pre-Construction Team

Our pre-construction team of controller and office staff will set up each job from start to finish. They are responsible for generating insurance certificates, OCIP and CCIP plans, Bonding, AIA billing, creating a schedule of values, and returning your contract in a timely manner.

Project Management

Our project management team includes a purchaser, assistant project managers and senior project management. The teams work together to create precise submittals, pre-purchase the specified approved items in advance of the project start time, secure and tag trees and shrubs, attend project meetings, create accurate schedules and make sure that the right crew and equipment are on each project. We always make sure that the same crew that started the job remains on that job until it is complete.

Landscape Foreman and Crew

Our foreman and crews have been with us for years, we are proud of the fact that we can attract the best landscapers in the industry and that they can have a substantial career supporting a family and home while doing what they love. Every crew has specialized safety training, OSHA certificates, specialized licenses and tools needed to safely and professionally perform their job. We have a quality team that has the experience to complete each project perfectly.

Operations Manager

Our highly experienced operations manager oversees every project. His main responsibilities are safety, quality and, problem-solving, (we all know that every construction project has problems to solve). He also makes sure the crews have everything they need to finish your project safely and on-time.


The owner is actively involved in every project and works closely with each team to insure that every client, architect, and owner are completely satisfied with everything we do.

Everyone at Emanouil Inc. takes pride in the accomplishments that we have achieved as a team, and we build on those accomplishments every day