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WT Rich Company

You guys showed up from day 1 ready to do your job and work with WTR – to a guy sitting in my seat you have no idea how much that is appreciated. Keep up the great work – you should be proud of what you guys have built over there. Will catch you on the next one.

– W.T. Rich Company, Inc.

Boston Shines Event

A big thanks to you and Emanouil Inc. for providing the tools to equip our 60+ volunteers for tomorrows “Boston Shines” event. Thanks again for your help in greening Boston.

– Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.

Boston, MA

Tom Bradley out did himself this time. He went above and beyond for us, when we really needed his assistance. He tracked down the ideal specimen tree. He answered our questions about the installation when he was home, sick. He picked out the burgundy dedication rock, himself, keeping it safe in his office. They added some white mums that really set off the colors in the Japanese maple beautifully. We had a wonderful dedication ceremony. The timing was tight, and the date couldn’t change. Tom and Mike got the job done, in time, on budget, and under difficult circumstances. Thank you for that; we truly appreciate your wonderful service.

– Medical Academic And Scientific Community Organization, Inc.

Hunking School

Through the results of your tremendous talent and skills hundreds of school children in Haverhill will soon enter the new Hunking School. You may think that you came to work every day with a hard hat and a Hi-Vis jacket and may not realize how much of what you were doing was noticed and appreciated. I write to simply say thank you for your patience, skills and your efforts. For many years to come, children will benefit from a beautiful school that they and so many others will always view with appreciation and great pride.

– Haverhill Public Schools Office of the Superintendent

LBJ Apartments

I just want to say thank a you to Emanouil, Inc. David has completed the warranty work here at LBJ Apartments and we are very satisfied with the work. David is very confident, knowledgeable and easy to work with, so much so that we are continuing our relationship with Emanouil, Inc. David took his time and walk the grounds with me and thoroughly explain any questions I may have had. Because of David, I am more confident in maintaining the grounds and very appreciative of his time.

– Cambridge Housing Authority

Harvard Gore hall

I’d like to personally thank you and your team for your efforts in helping us in successfully completing the Harvard Gore Hall project this summer. Your company’s commitment to working with our project team while adhering to difficult deadlines and maintaining safety and quality has greatly contributed to a successful outcome for our client. Please take the time to commend your project team. We value the hard work and commitment you have demonstrated time and again, and look forward to future successful collaborations.

– Consigli Construction Company, Inc.

Boston Convention Center Hotel

I would like to sincerely thank you for your commitment as well as your team’s dedication to talk on a weekly basis (I should say daily basis) and resolve any issues that arose. The least that I can do is take a moment to briefly write a thank you for exceeding our every expectation at the Boston Convention  Center Hotel. Your combined handwork, professionalism, integrity, as well as passion made what sometimes felt like an impossible goal be realized. I look forward to working with you and Emanouil again in the near future.

– Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.

Salem, MA

I want to thank Emanouil for the job performed on Salem. In all my years in construction you guys were hand down the most professional and reliable landscaping contractor I have dealt with to date.

– W.T. Rich Company, Inc.

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